Denver's CCM Recording Studios is a landmark full-service recording studio in the heart of Denver Colorado, right on the world famous Colfax Avenue. Our professional  recording studio in Denver is committed to providing the highest quality recording studio and production services at the most affordable price in Denver.

CCM Recording Studios has been in business for over 18 years. We have the cool space and the analog and digital equipment for a wide array of audio & video projects. From rap & hip hop to contemporary Christian projects, tape or vinyl transfers, band demos, and voice overs, we focus on the comfort of our clients in our multi-track studio space. We believe the production of music and video should always be an enjoyable, natural experience.

Denver's CCM Recording Studios is a great place to write, create, produce, and record.

And at $65/hr.... it is a steal!


FREE CONSULTATIONS ABOUT YOUR PROJECT. Come in and see the studio. Don't wait and call now...720-941-6088 or go to the Deposits page to reserve your studio time or use the Contact Us form.

CCM Recording Studios * 4214 East Colfax Ave. * Denver, CO * 80220


Notable clients: MTV, Epitaph Records, Inside The NFL radio show, Red Bull, USA Network, HarperCollins publishers, Freddy's Frozen Custard, Giant Screen Films, Kaiser Permanente, Bellco Credit Union, award winning animators Shadow Machine, Pixorial, The American Heart Association, Anti- Records, Zero Point Zero Productions, The Travel Channel's "The Dead Files", & Shutterfly.


   Also hip hop icon KRS One, Waka Flocka Flame, soul legend Mavis Staples, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Young Bleed, and Lil B (Based God) as well as Gordan Gano of The Violent Femmes, American Idol finalist Matt Buckstein, Don Stark from That 70's Show , outdoor TV host Remi Warren, and international Latin jazz guitarist Manuel Molina.


  "After being in and out of recording studios for over 40 years as a musician and producer, CCM Recording Studios ranks with Motown, Fantasy, Capitol and all the major record label studios in the US. Darren Skanson and his team nurtures pre-production, production, and post-production and combines this process to develop the ultimate recording."- A1 Sherman, promotions-Rick James, Merch Manager,-BB King, Session player Motown, Fanatsy Records, & Bluebird Studios,  Co-Produced Raymond Neville of The Neville Brothers and Don Griffin of The Miracles


  "BTW, the engineer who worked on this did a terrific job. Really one of the best sounding mixes (and temporary masters) I've heard come in. My master just has a touch more volume, size and depth but overall his was very very good. I say stick with him and keep doing what you're doing!!!" - Dave Cooley on Michael Warkentin's recording and mix of Naeem Oba's single, "La La La."


Please feel free to listen to some of our work....

Recorded & mixed by Darren Skanson

Swift ft. Harlem - Pray For Me (Hip Hop) recorded & mixed by Mike Warkentin The Way - Broken Tongues recorded & mixed by Mike Warkentin

 "Working with Darren has taught me more than I ever could have expected about critical listening, pre-production, Protools, and the recording process. Not to mention, he records guitar better than anyone I know. I would always come to him first if I needed a solid recording and I would recommend him to anyone who has a critical ear for good quality." - Kaia Nutting 


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