A reservation retainer or a pre-paid block rate as deposit is required to book a session. A session cannot be placed on the calendar with out a reservation retainer or pre-paid block rate receipt. For regular sessions, the reservation retainer amount is applied to that booked session. For block rate sessions, a separate reservation retainer is not required but all cancellation rules still apply.

Use the scheduler to book your session retainer or block rate with Paypal or a credit card.

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  1. Our rate is $65/hr
  2. The client must be present for all work.
  3. Minimum studio charge is $35
  4. 24 hour cancellation is required to reimburse the reservation retainer.
  5. Anything under 24 hr notice results in the loss of the time retainer payment.
  6. After the 1st cancellation without 24 hr notice, client will be required to pay ½ of the session time booked as the time retainer for all sessions after their 1st late (no 24 hr notice) cancellation.
  7. Payment of the time retainer automatically validates acceptance of these policies.
  8. All specials are subject to the cancellation policy. Clients have a 15 minute grace period from the time their scheduled session begins before billing occurs.