Google is the #1 search engine in the world but do you know who is #2? Surprise! Surprise! It is Youtube! ...and Facebook is not far behind.

Youtube and Facebook, among others, are powerful promotional tools. Many businesses have built entire followings from these sites, and some have even been “discovered” purely for the virality that a good promo video can have. Video can be used to broadcast your brand and drive views to your on-line presence as well as your physical one. Promoting your business using the emotional engagement of video coupled with the reach of YouTube and the personal contact of Facebook is a winning strategy.

CCM Studios offers the tools & talent for production of your web video’s as well as advice on how to setup and maintain profiles on these sites.


Pre-production planning - $250/day

Copywriting/ Scriptwriting - $100/page

Two camera HD Shoot - $1200/ day (8 hrs), 1/2 Day Shoot - $500 (4 hrs), Base Rate - $400 (1-3 hrs)

Editing (Final Cut Pro, Color,  & Motion) - $75/hr

All prices within 25 miles of downtown Denver. Anything beyond 25 miles up to 125 miles add $200. Beyond 125 miles, add commercial transport, meals, and lodging.

To jumpstart your promo efforts with video, give us a call today at (720) 941 6088 or use the contact us form.