Ableton is the new emerging software for music production and live performance. So how do you capitalize on this fresh, trending software as a musician or audio engineer? You get lessons from someone who knows it inside and out. Like us here at CCM Recording Studios!

Here at CCM we pride ourselves in offering complete lessons for novice engineers to experienced producers. If you are a ProTools or Logic user, there is no better time to start on this emerging platform than now! If you are familiar with the Ableton DAW we can complete your knowledge with professional and thorough one on one lessons. Whether you’re producing EDM, using Ableton as your flagship recording DAW, or using it to perform live we can provide answers to specific questions and general advice to make you more effective at the keyboard.

Let our experience help you. Call us and become an Ableton black belt  today!

Come by the studio at 4214 E Colfax to talk to one of our engineers about your or give us a call today at (720) 941 6088