Hip hop has been with us for over 20 years. It has diversified greatly during this course of time as artists have explored, inventively, with sounds and rhythm. At least one of the reasons for hip hop's popularity is that the rules are flexible, open ended, and allow for great expression.

Are you ready for a beat as unique as you are? Do you have great lyrics and need a beat to spit it to?

We have talented staff beat makers and offer some of the best (and most expansive) beat creation environments including, but not limited to, Reason, Logic, & ProTools. We also have a great collection of Synth Instruments like Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, Ivory, EZ Drummer, Reaktor, and Battery as well as libraries of more than 20GB of personally collected beat kits and samples galore. And even we have an in house DJ to make all your hip-hop flavor stamped “official” with a scratch or two.

We are current with the music trends and can stutter, screw, glitch, t-pain, scratch, vocode, distort and otherwise grease up your vocal to stylistic perfection! Just ask and you shall receive.

Don't buy poorly encoded beats from sites that sell low quality mp3s! Oftentimes you don’t know who you are getting the beat from, and you don't have the producer there to make them as unique as you are. Come work alongside us in a professional studio to make that next hit!

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