“Why do I need mastering on my audio project?” you may ask. Mastering is the final process in music production and, while subtle, is probably the most critical. Music that is intended for radio and television airtime is all mastered, and anything that is professionally duplicated or distributed by iTunes or other Digital Distributors needs to be as well. Mastering not only gets your tracks as loud as they possibly can be (ever play your track on after another recording and have to turn it up?) but also puts the final EQ and compression on the tracks. The EQ and compression give your tracks that clean, smooth, finished sound you hear on all radio ready recordings today.

Only $75/hr for mastering of wav, aiff, mp3, or audio CD stereo mixed formats! Typically it takes about 1/2 hr per track to do the mastering.

For the professional: If you have experienced mastering before, you know that high-quality equipment and software, room treatments, and great ears are necessary. At CCM, we use a Manley Variable MU tube compressor and a Clariphonic Parallel EQ as the heart of our mastering gear. We also use the most state-of-the-art software chain the Massenburg DesignWorks High Resolution Parametric EQ, the entire suite of McDSP compressor plug-ins including the ML4000 Multiband Compressor, the SPL Transient Designer, and the Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter. So as not to lose any fidelity along the signal path we use the AVID HD I/O interface with premium A/D and D/A conversion. With the HD I/O we maintain high quality audio on the way to the Martin Sound MonitorMax stereo monitoring controller and out to our Genelec 1031A studio monitors and Genelec 7060 sub. Our MonitorMax works on a ladder-capacitor system that maintains fidelity at high and low volumes. This way we can achieve the best sounding finished recording possible.

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To prepare your tracks for mastering, here are a few things we require:

1. Remove your mastering limiter. Our job is to get you as close to 0 as possible.

2. Duck the master fader by -6 to -10 db to ensure no clippping. If we master tracks that already have clipping, the mastering process will accentuate that distortion introduced by clipping.

3. Output in 24 bit .WAV or .AIFF files. Also, keep the sample rate at the rate you recorded the track at.

4. Provide us a master reference of your mix with your limiter on.

5. Provide at least 2 reference tracks from the industry that are similar to your song.

6. We strongly suggest letting us "Stem" master your tracks by providing us at least the lead vocal with effects as a separate "Stem" along with a separate stem of the rest of the mix. Allowing us to "place" the lead vocal eliminates 90% of the problems we encounter while mastering tracks.


Want those finished mixes to sound professional, loud, and radio ready? Give us a call today at (720) 941 6088, upload your files, or use the contact us form.


I had Darren master my latest album, and was very pleased with the finished product.  Darren uses a technique called stem mastering, in which he treats the lead vocal and instrumental track as two separate "stems".  The versatility of this technique was most apparent in a ballad that featured a subtle piano intro, and gradually grew to a full band sound over the course of the song.  He was able to apply different mastering settings to the various sections of the instrumental track as it changed, while maintaining a cohesive feel to the song as a whole.  Darren took great pride in making my album sound its very best, and he worked closely with me throughout the process to make sure he exceeded my expectations.  His services were timely, affordable, very professional and top quality.  I recommend him without reservation. - Allen Krehbiel, songwriter/ Nashville Songwriter's Association Coordinator - Denver


"Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for all you did on my recent project "TheEnd...?" The product I had when I walked in and the product I had when I walked out was like day and night! The hip hop mastering you did was incredible. My fans absolutely loved what the final product was and I can't thank you enough. CCM has my business for life!! Thanks for all the help and heart you put into my project!" - The Boy Drew



"When it came time to press my album; Darren and CCM took tracks that I had recorded over the last year, including a live single microphone in a bar track, and mastered it to fit other studio and live tracks- to flow the album." - Ryan David Miller ryandavidmillerpoetry.com


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