Once the film or video is done and it’s time to distribute physical copies to the world, DVD duplication is fast and easy when we help you complete your project.

CCM Recording Studios specializes in providing you with the finished product and has 20 years of experience in producing high class yet affordable duplication & packaging. Simply choose a style of packaging, provide a print ready design, and we can print as many copies as you need from 5 to 50,000.

CCM has a combination of great customer service, knowledgeable and professional staff, fast turnarounds and very competitive prices. We don’t focus on just one single area to impress you – we work hard to give you a great experience from start to finish, from your first creative idea to handing out your new product! Because we want you to come back with your future projects and tell others about us.

Don't produce an amateur look to your finished product. You’re just a phone call away from a gorgeous, retail-ready DVD.

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