A film/TV/video composer scores music to accompany a motion picture for film or television. This could include dramatic underscore as well as popular songwriting.

   This type of composer needs to be experienced and musically versatile. They must be able to improvise, and to create themes quickly under the pressure of deadlines. They need to be able to work collaboratively, and to be flexible and willing to compromise. The ability to listen to Directors, and to translate their vision into musical terms, is also crucial.

   We are fortunate to have Darren Skanson as our staff composer as he has all of the previously mentioned attributes.

   Darren has 30 years of experience in the music industry including a Bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota:Moorhead with concentrations in recording, composition, and guitar performance. He has extensive improvisation and composition experience as well as being a guitar virtuoso in his own right. His extensive catalog of guitar music can be experienced at www. skanson.com.

  Composers usually have some form of musical training, but talent and the drive to write music for films are more important than qualifications. And that is exactly what Darren brings to the table for every project he is involved in. Darren's list of credits include a full TV series (Shoot Colorado), a film that was submitted to prestigious film festivals like the LA Film Festival and Sundance, a featured documentary on Solitary Confinement, as well as commercials and other video projects.

We also have done work for commercial clients like:


   For whatever visual media you have, we can (and will be more than happy to) compose a musical score that fits your specifications. If you would like to come to the studio to work along with us, that is more than welcome too!

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 Darren's composition is intuitive and smart. It rounded out our video with emotion and depth. His sensitive approach to sound design helped tie in the visual and thematic elements of our video. - Susan Green, Executive Producer "The Gray Box"
To see the video...click here.


 Executive Producer Chad Bardon of reality show "Shoot!" had this to say about the music and special effects used in the show, "I don't know if you ever saw a movie before they added the music...typically music really punctuates all the visuals in any film or television show. That's just what we experienced with Darren's music and special effects.  It has made all the difference in the world in how our viewers are going to experience the SHOOT! series."


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