LPs, or vinyl records, were a popular sound recording medium and now are collectors items. Do you still have your favorite records? Are your favorite out of print albums wasting away on your shelves, never getting played? Did you know records are horribly susceptible to warping and scratching? Bring your collection down to CCM Recording Studios and transfer it to something a bit more stable. We can transfer the audio and burn it to onto high quality archival audio CDs as lossless files or compress it down to an mp3 to put into your phone or iPod!

Our transfer rate is $20.00/side and $5.00/copy of the transfer. Live albums are $25/side. All transfers go through our powerful audio computers and are normalized to an optimal listening volume. Transfer sessions can be done within the same day as long as you have a scheduled session time, but walk-ins are always welcome. Or drop it off and it will be done in the order in which it was received. Also, put the album art on the CD itself! Only $10 per title.

About the process: Prior to the vinyl LP to CD transfer, your record will be inspected by our audio transfer technician to check for any inconsistancies or damage. Upon coming across a problem with one or more of your records, we will contact you to let you know exactly what the issue is, and how we can go about fixing it. Once the LP to CD transfer is completed, we store your files to our in-house computers. From there, the transferred audio is run through our powerful audio editing tools which allow the vinyl record transfer technician to determine the sound quality of the transfer. If needed, we offer basic audio cleanup services to remove pops, clicks and hiss which are common in older vinyl records. Once the recording is determined to be of optimum quality, it will then be burned to a 100-year archival audio CD and then labeled to your specifications.

Transfer those vinyl LP records now before they are un-recoverable! Give us a call at 720-941-6088 or use the contact us form.

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