Mike (Greensleeves) is our Hip-Hop chef at CCM Studios. Mike has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is the co-founder of the Denver based, live hip-hop band, Broken Tongues.

   Mike is an MC/turntablist/producer/engineer with loads of experience in the writing, recording, mixing and performing aspects of music and has worked professionally in solo and full band applications for nearly a decade. Comfortable behind the boards or behind the mic, he can certainly provide beneficial feedback and forethought to take your project to another level. Mike has mixed for So You Think You Can Dance and numerous artists in the world of hip-hop including Papoose, Yah Yah, Naeem Oba and Q Burse.

Other notable clients include: Gordan Gano of The Violent Femmes, Young Bleed, Lil B, Shadow Machine, HarperCollins publishers, and Giant Screen Films.

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"BTW, the engineer who worked on this did a terrific job. Really one of the best sounding mixes (and temporary masters) I've heard come in. My master just has a touch more volume, size and depth but overall his was very very good. I say stick with him and keep doing what you're doing!!!" - Dave Cooley on Michael Warkentin's recording and mix of Naeem Oba's single, "La La La."


Looking for beats? Mike sells and leases beats ranging from southern slap to East coast boom bap; West Coast hyphy to Lady Gaga-esque dance-hop. Use the contact us form to contact Mike/Greensleeves.

Check out www.facebook.com/BrokenTongues for more details on Broken Tongues' Jazzy, funktified live hip-hop.