Mixing is the second step in the music production process, and while the original performance is the heart and soul of a piece of music, a good mixing engineer can tighten and refine the sound by bringing out the important pieces; working those delicate marriages of instrumentation and vocals. Mixing is an essential part of a great recording. The details of mixing include quite a bit of technical work and repeated listening, therefore a good part of the mixing is typically relegated to solo engineer time in the studio. However, the artist’s input and opinion is by far the most important! You as the artist are encouraged to be a part of the mixing process, and as the mix reaches its final stages you will be right there with us fine-tuning and finalizing your sound.
     As well as mixing tracks that have been recorded here at CCM we can also take your project files or audio files, whether from Logic, ProTools, Garageband, or any other DAW and mix them in our studio. This allows you the benefit of getting your music mixed in our sound-treated studio on top-of-the-line monitors by a staff with more than 20 years of collective experience in the audio production field. Call today to set up a session or stop by the studio to meet our team of talented engineers.

Let us take your tracks to the next level with our experienced engineers and great gear. Give us a call at (720) 941 6088 or use the contact us form.


Want us to mix your tracks? Send us the stems! If you have more than 12 tracks, use the upload 2 or 3 times. Just make sure your stems all start at absolute zero when you output them from your DAW.

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"BTW, the engineer who worked on this did a terrific job. Really one of the best sounding mixes (and temporary masters) I've heard come in. My master just has a touch more volume, size and depth but overall his was very very good. I say stick with him and keep doing what you're doing!!!" - Dave Cooley on Michael Warkentin's recording and mix of Naeem Oba's single, "La La La."


"Darren is a great combination of talented engineer, perceptive artist and skilled musician. He knows how to help achieve what you envision... and better." - Jeff P


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