A good producer is often the backbone of a good song.

Producing an artist is a multifaceted job that may include
building ideas for a project, coaching and encouraging the
artist(s) during recording, supervising the mixing and mastering process, scheduling sessions, working with financing, handling negotiations and otherwise sculpting and executing the group’s efforts within a bigger picture. I
n this regard, producers are classic names like George Martin and Quincy Jones.

These days though, the modern definition of a “producer” means the same thing as “beat-maker" or the person who puts together tracks, Modern beat-makers like Swizz Beats, RJD2
and 9th Wonder are examples of this producer.

At CCM Studios we have 2 great producers that create fantastic beats, Greensleeves and PHONOReason.

Greensleeves is an MC/turntablist/producer/engineer with loads of experience in the writing, recording, mixing and performing aspects of music and has worked professionally in solo and full band applications for nearly a decade. Comfortable behind the turntables or behind the mic, he can certainly provide beneficial feedback and forethought to take your project to another level. He is also a fantastic hip hop engineer and has mixed for So You Think You Can Dance and numerous artists in the world of hip-hop including Papoose, Yah Yah, Naeem Oba and Q Burse.

PHONOReason joined the CCM team as an intern in early 2011 and began running sessions late that summer. He is now CCM's primary Logic Pro engineer and has been working on Logic-based systems since 2007.

While he is influenced heavily by hip-hop & the booming electronic scene, he takes musical influence from wherever he can find it. He believes that all music is good music, it just needs to be made well.

Beats for Lease/Sale by CCM Studios

At CCM Studios, we also offer our very experienced traditional producer Darren Skanson.  He is incredibly versed in the finer aspects of achieving a great recording in many genres of music. He prides himself in putting quality performances alongside optimal sound, leading to a polished mix and an amazing, professional result.


"Utilizing CCM Studios as a production group was a great experience.  Darren, in particular, due to his vast experience with production, and as a very talented musician in his own right, was extremely helpful with my arrangements.  He stepped me through each and every process with expert simplicity and encouragement.  From musician schedules, to contributing creative ideas and being fully transparent in the technical production, I wouldn't have produced my CD anywhere else but CCM!" - Laura Richardson


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