All recording, whether a full-band setup or a single vocalist, first goes through the process of "tracking". Tracking is the practice of recording each instrument or performer individually to capture a high quality, isolated sound. This separation is critical for a good clean mix.

Tracking is the first step in producing a song, and often the most fun! Our fully soundproofed live room is set up to track anything from hip-hop vocals to multiple-piece bands. We use state-of-the-art, professional quality equipment and audio editing software to produce the best results. CCM Studios provides affordable & professional song, album, EP, and demo recording for bands of all sizes.

Also, the comfort of the client with our studio, engineers, and facility is paramount. A good environment works wonders for a music session, that is why artists come to CCM to do their recording. We will work side by side as we track each part of your music into our studio rig.

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  "Working with Darren has taught me more than I ever could have expected about critical listening, pre-production, Protools, and the recording process. Not to mention, he records guitar better than anyone I know. I would always come to him first if I needed a solid recording and I would recommend him to anyone who has a critical ear for good quality." - Kaia Nutting


 "My recording experience at CCM Studios was magnificent!  The technology and recording equipment is up to date and user friendly - as was the studio staff who was so helpful and supportive.  Since this was my first recording experience - their friendliness and support was essential to taking away the fear and pressure of being at the top of my game.  They all put me at ease and took me efficiently through each step of the process ... and I learned a lot!" - Laura Richardson


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