Console: 1980 Trident 80B

In the late '70s Malcolm Toft developed a new series of recording consoles to update Trident's sound for a new generation of musical talent. The result was the Trident Series 80, whose sound quickly became a favorite among the top artists of the day. For decades, Trident's Series 80 consoles have graced world-class recording facilities. This console has played an important role in defining the sound of rock music over the past 30 years, and, along with those of other manufacturers including Neve and SSL, it helped to establish British recording and mixing consoles as among the finest in the world.


We offer the highest quality audio and video recording/editing software on the market. We mainly operate in the ProTools HD 9 and Pro Tools 10 environment but also feature Logic, Reason, Wave Burner, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro and more. While ProTools is still often regarded as the standard in modern recording, we use only the cream of the crop running ProTools HD into Avid’s flagship AD/DA interface - the Avid HD I/O 16.

We also have Avid’s HEAT plug-in designed by CraneSong Phoenix inventor, Dave Hill. HEAT represents the latest advancement in emulating the true sound and nature of recording to tape, with all of the efficiencies and conveniences of recording to disk.


The microphone’s relationship to the instrument or vocalist is a highly valued one. This is why we supply so many different types and brands of high-quality mics. Whether you’re looking for a modern sound or something vintage, we have the right mic for the job. We feature mics from Neumann, BLUE, Universal Audio, AKG, Shure and more.

Neumann U87

Neumann KM 184 (2x)

Audio Engineering Associates  R84 Ribbon Mic

SE Electronis Gemini Tube Mic

AKG C414 ub (2x)

Shure sm81 (2x)

Sennheiser 421 (x4)

Audix D6

AKG D112 (2x)

Shure sm57 (3x)

Outboard Gear:

Our flagship preamps at CCM Studios are the API 3124, Vintech x73i, Trident Celebration 4T, the Universal AudioTube Preamp LA-610 Bill Putnam Signature Edition, TL Audio Fatman, 2 British Oram Sonics channel strips (from designer of Trident mixing consoles), and 2 Grace 101s (1 is a ribbon model).

We also have a Manley Variable MU tube compressor, a pair of EL Distressor outboard Compressors set up in stereo for both tracking & re-processing, as well as a Kush Audio UBK Clariphonic Parallel Equalizer to add that brilliant finish to individual parts or the final product.


Why compromise your song and efforts in achieving a clean signal during recording by mixing on inferior monitors? Instead, at CCM Studios we feature Genelec 1031 A studio monitors with the 1070 Subwoofer, controlled by a Martin Sound Monitor Max system with laddering volume attenuation. We have a fully tuned room, EQed graphically to provide the flattest frequency response possible so that what you hear in the studio is what you hear outside the studio. We also have an old Sony boom box setup alongside these gems to represent the other side of the quality-monitoring spectrum to ensure a quality sound on any system.

Software Plug-Ins:

For a nice polish to your mix, CCM Studios offers some of the highest quality plug-ins available including, but not limited to: Massenburg Parametric EQ, McDSP Compressor bundle, Eventide Anthology II bundle, Melodyne, AutoTune and other plug-ins from companies like IzoTope, Brainworx and Avid.

Simply put, having this wide array of plug-ins means that it’s only a matter of time to find the sound you’re searching for. We have hand-picked our plug-ins to handle anything thrown our way and so far we haven’t had any issues. Please call ahead if you have something quirky in mind so that we can be prepared when you arrive.

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