The best recording studio prices in Denver. Our rates are affordable if not cheap. We never have extra fees and love to record music, voice overs, or anything in the audio field. Book your time now!

   Tracking, mixing, and mastering sessions are $65 per hour and include an engineer as well as a CD of that days work. A $65 time retainer is required when booking.

A time retainer or a pre-paid block rate is required to book a session. A session cannot be placed on the calendar with out the retainer or pre-paid block rate. For regular sessions, the retainer amount is applied to that booked session. For block rate sessions, a seperate time retainer is not required but all cancellation rules still apply and will be enforced.


If you would like a producer for your session, it is a $30 per hour.

For more information on what a producer can bring to your session, click here.

Hired Studio Musicians  are $100 a track.
Hired Drum technicians are $25 per hour required for tuning & setup.

All audio/video tape transfer rates are $35 per hour and include one copy of the digital media. Vinyl transfers are $20/side.
Copies of CDs are $2.50
Copies of DVDs are $5.00

CD & DVD packaging design & duplication are on a per project basis. Multiple packaging styles are available.

Video project rates are on a per project basis, for more info see the contact us page.