Any director, videographer, TV person, advertising exec or even web designer will grudgingly admit that sound is a huge part of any film or video. Both music and sound design add emotional elements that are very powerful.

While finding an composer or music for your video or film can be challenging, finding an experienced sound designer can be even more challenging. It is an art form unto itself and it brings together the disciplines of composition and engineering that not every musician has.

The definition of sound design is the process of generating audio elements for movies, television, theater performances, video games and more. A Sound Designer works with Foley, sound effects, and ADR voice replacement among other tactics to augment the audio for film, as well as manipulating sound effects & synthesizers to create soundscapes for various musical genres.

Not only does CCM have a vast library of sound effects and samples here at the studio, but we also have experience. Darren Skanson our head engineer has done sound design on both film and countless video projects as well as a TV series. See his testimonials below. He can build audio to enhance any visual media you may have. 

We have also done sound design for advertising and web applications. Consider how important sound is in those business and selling applications. Bet you may not have even thought about it. If you deal with multi-media presentations, pay close attention to your audio as it is the engine that drives your message home. We can help you deliver that message. We just finished a piece for Red Bull.

Need audio professionals for your production? Give us a call today at (720) 941 6088 or use the contact us form.

Darren is a clean, tight sound editor. He sees with his ears. His sensitive approach to sound design helped tie in the visual and thematic elements of our video." Susan G. Executive Producer, "The Grey Box". To see the here.


 Executive Producer Chad Bardon of reality show "Shoot!" had this to say about the music and the sound design in the show, "Darren is the ultimate professional.  We are very happy with his efforts.  If you need a true sound professional, Darren Skanson is the guy to call!"


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