When recording the human voice, it's all too easy to make the assumption that we mean singing or vocals, but with the emergence of multimedia, recording the spoken word is an area of great importance in its own right. This specialization requires a breadth of experience that requires a different approach to recording sung vocals. Because intelligibility takes over from musicality as the prime consideration and not every recording engineer or musician who thinks he is a “sound engineer” has the skill set to record or hear the sound and performance of great spoken word, you need a studio and engineer who has experience in this field.

   Also consider this. We are used to hearing our own voices in the context of typical domestic or workplace acoustics, but when we hear an announcer's voice on the radio, we are hearing it in a relatively dry studio. All studios aren't totally non-reverberant, because that would sound unnatural, but it is essential that the reverberation time be short in order to maintain intelligibility. You must also all but eliminate sound from ping-ponging between parallel walls. Does the studio, office, conference room, or home you are recording in now really have this specialized acoustic treatment? 

   Here at CCM we record audio books, spoken performances, voice-overs, and radio & television advertisements of all kinds. We have done tons of spoken word work, from commercial audio to poetic spoken performance. Our microphone and preamp selection is varied to accommodate voices of all type and timbre: the classic Neumann U87, MXL and SE Electronics tube mics as well as mics from AKG, AEA, and Shure. We also can bring in voice actors and voice coaches to work on reading performances with you! 

   Our notable past clients have been MTV, Don Stark from "That 70's Show", The Colorado Lottery, John Marshall Media, Inside The NFL radio show, Your True Natue, Rick Crandall from KEZW 1430 radio, and IMAX company Giant Screen Films.Let our experience, gear, and acoustically treated room help you. Go with the guys that know spoken word.

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Notable Clients

  "My experience at Darren's studio has been wonderful.  He went out of his way to accommodate my company's needs for a very specific sound, and worked around my schedule.  I look forward to working with him again and again!" - Gabra Zackman, actress and voice talent for over 200 audio books.


 "Darren, you rock. All my best" - Don Stark, "Bob" from "That 70's Show"



 "I have had the pleasure of working with Darren on a variety of projects over the last several years and I can honestly say I've never been disappointed!  I highly recommend CCM and Darren!" - Rick Crandall, Program Director KEZW 1430 Denver



"When I recorded my CD Come Home to Your True Nature, Darren not only provided his usual technical expertise, but also creative enhancement to bring my music and spoken word piece into a masterpiece!" - Ilan Shamir, owner Your True Nature


"Darren accomplished a successful production with several of my tracks, not only in mic-ing a harp and paying close attention to the continuity of my voice- but also gave his input and ear (with years of experience behind it) to craft and deliver the emotion I was evoking from the piece of art I created.  I knew what I wanted- Darren made it tangible. Watching him work after the piece was recorded was like watching a photograph appear from the chemical bin." - Ryan David Miller- ryandavidmillerpoetry.com



Spoken Word Recordings by CCM Studios

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