It can be easy to write a song or hear how your recording should sound in your head, but getting the music to actually come out that way on a recording can be difficult. As we grow, we all learn that we can't be the best drummer, bass player, guitarist, vocalist, and back up vocalist for our tracks. We need help..

   At CCM, our connections to a wide variety of seasoned Studio Musicians are available to give your project professional sounding tracks.

   Our professionals include our resident guitarist & studio owner Darren who can play any style of guitar from country to rock to classical with any of his 20 different guitars as well as lay down mean bass lines. Our resident drummer Seamus can provide that much need “human” feel to your drum tracks. We also have access to fiddle players, steel guitar, cellists, violinists, piano/keyboardists, vocalist and more.

   Finally, every session player is tried and true because they all have done many sessions with us. You can’t help but getting great tracks!

Give us a call today at (720) 941 6088 or use the contact us form so we can hook you up with the best musicians in Denver.

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