Your VHS collection is precious; you’ve probably had videotapes sitting in the back of a closet for years, waiting to be replayed and enjoyed.

Whether they’re home movies you recorded years ago or the original copy of "FernGully" that you just can’t bear to part with, you can save your old video tapes by converting them to a digital format. But getting the video onto a dvd or transferred into your computer is a daunting task. Special cables, video computer cards, and huge file sizes make it very challenging.

Here at CCM Recording Studios, we can easily transfer the video and burn it to a DVD so you can enjoy those memories! And because they are now in a digital format, you can play them or transfer them to your computer easily!

Our transfer rate is $20 per DVD. Transfer sessions can be done within the same day as long as you have a scheduled session time, but walk-ins are always welcome. Or drop it off and it will be done in the order in which it was received.

Remember: VHS tapes lose quality every day as their magnetized information degrades. Don’t wait!

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