For the initial production process of recording video & audio CCM employs professional videographers with state-of-the art gear.

We have experience recording video & audio for commercials, family events, sports games, and much more.

We have the resources for high & low budget projects, from single-camera
setups to multiple locations & separate sound recording. Video rates are

usually on a per project basis based on time, gear, and manpower needed.


Pre-production planning - $250/day

Copywriting/ Scriptwriting - $100/page

Two camera HD Shoot - $1200/ day (8 hrs), 1/2 Day Shoot - $500 (4 hrs), Base Rate - $400 (1-3 hrs)

Editing (Final Cut Pro, Color,  & Motion) - $75/hr

All prices within 25 miles of downtown Denver. Anything beyond 25 miles up to 125 miles add $200. Beyond 125 miles, add commercial transport, meals, and lodging.

Give us a call at (720) 941 6088 or find us on the contact us page.

Here are some tips for your video shoot before you get started:

1 – Sound is 51% of the production. Turn off the visual and the sound should carry the message. Turn of the sound and the visual message is merely associative. Record dry, ideally in a sound studio and add ambience or effects later.

2 – Light “Supermarket-style” no shadows… unless the client is a hooker or mortician. Mood light is only appropriate when there is a background that might have such a light source. Adding dramatic shadows (like the example in the YouTube video) looks like the end of an Avant-Garde Austrian Film School thesis. NOTE: The example video switched to a dark background there, and STILL it resembled a screen test for Nosferatu 2013.  

3 – For God’s sake have some translucent powder and a brush for oily subjects or baldies with a reflective dome.

4 – No “Shaky Cam” unless the audience is composed of X-Games viewers and stink of AX. If you want casual drift or focus effects, plan them and us a loose-head tripod.

5 – If the piece is a SELL, have the subject look into the lens. If it’s a Personality/Interview piece have them look to either side of the lens @ 12” away. Maintain side orientation throughout - Right or Left – no mixing, it’s screw with editing and perceived viewer orientation.

6 – No clothing with tight stripes or complicated patterns unless you are demonstrating the Moiré’ effect.

7 – Double mic to prevent possible failure, static or line interference if wireless and to make the subject feel important. Also a moderate amount of room ambience bounce can be lessened by mixing both tracks 1 frame out of sync.

8 – The script is absolutely essential, even if the client wants to freestyle it. If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage. This guideline is subject to the intended outcome of the piece. If it’s casual and conversational – lock down the script. If it’s a character study, toss the script and let the chips fall where they may. We’ll fix it in post.

9 – A music bed paces the piece and keeps the monologue from feeling overly sterile. In Character Sell pieces, avoid recognizable music that may have unintended associations for the viewer.

10 – The subject MUST HAVE a teleprompter, make sure they rehearse with it a few time to adjust the rate-of-deliver.

Give us a call and we help you implement these critical steps to a great video.

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