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CCM is a full-service audio production studio. We provide the full range of audio services from recording to mixing to mastering to voice recording and everything in between. Scroll down to peruse our services.

Audio Services


$70/hr & $45/hr

All recording, whether a full-band or  single vocalist, first goes through the process of "tracking". Tracking is the practice of recording each instrument or performer individually to capture a high quality, isolated sound. This separation is critical for a good clean mix.


Voice Over Recording


Here at CCM we can record and produce voice overs of all kinds. We have thousands of hours of voice over recording experience from radio commercials to TV series to podcasts . Let our experience help you. Go with the guys that know pro-VO! 




Mixing is the second step in the music production process, and while the original performance is the heart and soul of a piece of music, a good mixing engineer can tighten and refine the sound by bringing out the important pieces; working those delicate marriages of instrumentation and vocals. Mixing is an essential part of a great recording.


Mobile/ On Location


The experienced engineers of CCM Recording Studios can record you wherever you are. Yes, we are mobile! We can provide your band, church, business, or meeting with the very finest quality on-site audio and video recording services and the experience to capture every moment. Plus $50/hr one way travel.




Mastering is the final process in music production and, while subtle, is probably the most critical. Music that is intended for radio and television airtime is all mastered, and anything that is professionally duplicated or distributed by iTunes or other Digital Distributors needs to be as well. Mastering not only gets your tracks as loud as they possibly can be (ever play your track on after another recording and have to turn it up?) but also puts the final EQ and compression on the tracks. The EQ and compression give your tracks that clean, smooth, finished sound you hear on all radio ready recordings today.


DAW Lessons


Everyone wants to record, mix, and produce quality music and audio themselves. But to do that, you need knowledge and skills in the world’s most popular recording softwares. The best of these is Avid’s Pro Tools and Apple's Logic. From the largest recording facilities to the smallest bedroom studios, Pro Tools is the most popular sound creation and production system in the world.


Additional Services


Vinyl & Cassette Transfers

Do you still have your favorite vinyl or cassettes? Did you know vinyl is horribly susceptible to warping and scratching? Or that tape degrades everyday? Let us transfer your presious vinyl or cassettes to something a bit more stable. Book a consultation now so we can learn how to better serve you!


Duplication & Distribution

Once yourproject is done, its time to distribute it to the world, We can do CD duplication and flash drive replication all with custom graphics.  We have 25 years of experience in producing high class yet affordable duplication & packaging. We can also assist you in uploading your projects for digital distribution via ITunes, Amazon Music, & Pandora. Book a consultation now so we can learn how to better serve you!


Studio Singers & Musicians

At CCM, our connections to a wide variety of seasoned Studio Singers & Musicians are available to give your project professional sounding tracks. Every session singer & player is tried and true because they all have done many sessions with us. You can’t help but getting great tracks! Book a consultation now so we can learn how to better serve you!


4214 East Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220


Email Us:
Phone: 720.941.6088 
Mobile: 303.324.5956